Top 4 Different Types of SUVs !

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Apart from all the most expensive cars in the world, the range of SUVs always stands out and becomes a major hit among friends and families. With amazing features like the roomy interiors and comfortable extra seating environment, people love to take SUVs for hour long drives. Whether it is an off-road trip or an on-road journey, SUVs are the best bet when you want to head over to some exotic place in the weekend.

SUV’s are appropriate even in harsh weather and road conditions but be careful while you drive this vehicle. As these types have a higher center of gravity SUVs are easily prone to rollover accidents than any of the four-wheeler cars.

So, now that you know some of the benefits of SUVs, then check out the different types of SUVs to help you with your next purchase.    

Top 4 Different Types of SUVs

Luxury SUVs:

Luxury SUVs are a great option for anyone who wants to drive an SUV with high-end luxury features. The common features that you can find in these type of SUVs are all-round conditioning, sunroof, automatic transmission, temperature control and other advanced technologies. Also, depending on the particular buyers need, the luxury SUVs comes with an option of two to three-row where from five to seven passengers can sit comfortably without any hassle. Some of the good examples of luxury SUVs can be Mercedes-Benz GL550, Porche Cayenne and BMW X5.

Off-road SUVs:

Off-road SUVs are built for your off-road rough terrains. It is good for people who love adventure and always goes off to places that require four-wheelers to suit off-road situations. An off-road SUV is characterized by featuring wider tires, traction control systems, good engine power and greater ground clearance. Some of the best examples of an off-road SUV are Toyota 4Runner, Mercedes-Benz 6550, Humvee and Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.

Compact SUVs:

Compact SUVs are little bigger than the mini SUVs and have a standard length between the 167 to 181 inches. It offers additional cargo space and is great for people with small families. The small size of this type of SUV can be easily driven to small city roads. Some good examples for Compact SUVs are Jeep Liberty, BMW X3, Ford Escape and Honda CR-V.      

Mini SUVs:

As the name conveys, Mini SUVs are the smallest size of SUVs with the standard length being under the 161.4 inches. These SUVs are perfect for your extreme off-road situations. However, many people do get confused between compact SUVs and the Mini SUVs to which the difference just lies on the fact that the mini SUVs length is slightly smaller than the compact’s counterparts. Some of the examples of Mini SUVs are Suzuki Jimny, Skoda Yeti and Nissan JUKE and Mitsubishi Pajero iO.  

So, these are the different types of SUVs and examples of such types that you can look on to before you invest your money in a four-wheeler. However, one must note that each of the categories can be interlinked with each other. For example, a compact SUV can be considered a luxury SUV if it has a feature of a compact and vice versa. So, before you get your next SUVs keep in mind to understand the type and see what works best for you. Also, if you’re a person who easily gets confused between an SUV, hatchback or a Sedan then head over to the types of car models to understand the difference between those and all the different types of car models in general.  

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